About Daily Earnings

A website entirely dedicated to affiliates

Daily Earnings was created to achieve one specific goal, which is to help the affiliate marketing community. More specificaly, we want to provide tools to affliates who :

  • Want to optimize their performances
  • Are looking for new business opportunities
  • Would like to find a job in the affiliate marketing field

Our Reporting Tool was created for affiliates who work with multiple networks and who want to see all their statistics into one unique dashboard. With this tool, our objective is to allow them to save time that was previously wasted on login into each one of their accounts and manually aggregating their stats, and rather use it to promote offers and work on their campains. We’re also currently working on a new sections that will present great tools that can help affiliates optimize their performances and therefore, increase their revenues.

The Networks section of the website help the affiliates find new business opportunity by allowing them to browse among multiples networks pages on which they’ll be able to read reviews, learn more about each network and its distinctive benefits, see its offers, get in touch with its team members, see its job posting, etc. All the networks’ offers are also aggregated in the Offers section of the website for a quick access to this type of content, along with direct advertisers’ offers.

The Jobs section of the website aggregate all the networks’ job posting to allow the affiliates who are looking for a job in this field to quickly find great opportunities.